Behind LA LOBA

Who is it behind LA LOBA?

We are two women, best friends and soul sisters, Carla and Sofia, that have been working in the fashion industry for almost a decade.
While working in Australia together for some months we first verbalized the dream of creating together, for women, with women and the earth.
As there is always the possibility of something new in the detour of life, we took the pandemic to finally start working on our dream actively and have been now creating LA LOBA for just over two years to finally share it with you.

A dream.
A vision.
A movement.

LA LOBA standing for a collective of amazing women that we want to bring together and create beautiful creations - from beautiful, mindfully created clothing to soulful events and retreats.
We want to empower women, help them remember and express their beautiful self and form a deep bond of sisterhood and support.
We truly believe that our world needs us women to remember how powerful we are; to remember our inherent worth and beauty in being all of what we are: soft, strong, calm, wise, loud, wild…

Remember that we’re of and from nature and here to live and shine our unique essence with the world.
Remember that we are here to share, to support and to connect with one another.
Coming from the fashion industry we want to create a brand differently.
LA LOBA stands for having a unique style for playful and sensual design, modern yet feminine and most importantly works with mindfully sourced materials that are easily recyclable to contribute to a circular fashion and produced in fair conditions.
Find more about our production here.

As certified yoga teachers we additionally want to share the empowering tools we were able to collect over the years from our teachers from all over the world and the deep wisdom found in this ancient Hindu tradition with all women, who feel the calling to uncover their full potential and connect even deeper.
Find more about upcoming events or online immersions here.

Hand in hand, we invite you to walk along this journey with us and remember the badass women that you. Because you are.

We are so deeply grateful for your being,
All the love,
Carla & Sofia


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