In our mission to show a more mindful way of creating and connecting we have built LA LOBA with awareness on sourcing materials, producing them and shipping them.

Knowing that everything we create has an impact - we try to consciously strive to improve and optimize our chain.

Starting with the materials we have designed our whole collection out of 100% cotton and 100% cupro.
Cotton is well known to everyone but we discovered Cupro only two years ago only when we went on a sustainable fabric fair in Munich. Cupro is a by-product of cotton production, so it is technically a recycled textile and  is plant-based—unlike silk which comes from silkworms—which makes it vegan and cruelty-free.
Using non-mixed fabrics makes them 100% recyclable and was the biggest success for us after months and months of sourcing matching fabrics to make our dream clothes come true.
Our two chosen fabrics are not only items that are made to create circular fashion but also comfortable and durable to make sure you’ll enjoy your beautiful pieces for a very long time.

We work with a small family owned production in Portugal that we have visited to ensure the working conditions are appropriate to our standard, workers are treated well and paid fairly.
The production is making an exception for us and our vision and allows us to produce even smaller quantities than their minimum to ensure again that we’re meeting our standards and not contributing to the massive overproduction of regular fashion brands.
All of our tags and hang tags are sustainable, made out of natural fiber and plant seed papers that you can give back to Earth and grow beautiful flowers with it.

Shipment and Packaging
We make sure to package and ship as mindfully as possible, which means avoiding single use plastic and single packaging.
We’re working with a small, women lead logistics in Germany, that has over 90% female employees and helps us with our dream of packaging, everything in recycled satin paper and paper packages.
Every material we use in packaging and labeling is natural and compostable.


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