The moment we got clear on our vision for LA LOBA it was immediate knowing that we actively want to give back and collaborate with a partner that is sharing the same vision.

Honouring the wild stands for two pillars we are building our ethics on: honouring the wild within us women and honouring the wild around us, our Earth.
As we are creating a platform that is working almost solely with women, co-creating and supporting amazing women, we wanted to put emphasis on the second pillar of honoring our Earth and it’s wild with an active collaboration. 

And so we couldn’t be happier to walk this journey alongside this amazing organization: Pro Wildlife.

But who exactly is Pro Wildlife?

Pro Wildlife combines animal, nature and species protection. Their goal is to preserve biodiversity and save animals. The survival of the species in its habitat is important, but so is the protection of the individual animal. Pro Wildlife advocates for better laws and effective protection measures for wildlife. They support rescue and rehabilitation projects for wild animals in need, help to preserve habitats and engage local communities in wildlife conservation.

Protect wildlife – worldwide

Each of our pieces supports Pro Wildlife with 3€.

We truly want to empower whom we believe in.
In a world that has forgotten how precious it is to care for one another, how keeping a healthy equilibrium within us humans, all its living being and our beautiful Mother Earth, is vital for our existence, we want to actively help to raise awareness and support where it’s needed most.
For that reason we decided to give this money for the free usage of the organization in whatever part and project it is needed most at each moment.
Deeply grateful and humbled for the significant and inspiring work of all these women working with Pro Wildlife.

In deep gratitude and excitement for this journey ahead and all the co-creations to come,
Carla & Sofia


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